Special products for professional pre- and post-treatment of medical procedures.

The range encompasses 3 product groups:

1. MFA:Expert+5 peeling products with highly-concentrated fruit acids – for professional application only:

  • Prime Cleanser
  • Peel40 Exfoliator
  • Peel60 Exfoliator
  • Peel pH Neutralizer
  • Restorative Cream

2. Supplementary products for professional application, e.g. active substance ampoules, collagen fleece masks, cleansing products, etc.

3. Home treatment setsfor the end user

  • MFA:Peel fruit acid products for application e.g. on impure skin, in the case of pigmentation spots, to combat premature creasing, etc.
  • Skin Balance for impure skin
  • Age Defense for mature skin