Individual supplementary products for all skin types – exclusively for professional application in the cosmetic spa or clinic setting.

This range offers beauticians highly-effective supplementary products for professional application in the cubicle and therefore unique diversity and infinite treatment options.

inspira: skinaccents

The range encompasses 6 product groups:

Active substance concentrates in glass ampoules – this valuable intensive care is able to compensate diverse care deficits in a very short time with maximum effect and little effort – they are masters of immediately visible and perceptible effects.

Soft gel capsules
Active substance concentrates in gelatine capsules – barely surpassable concluding care in the cubicle – an elixir which provides the skin with the active substance precisely where it is needed.

Peeling masks
Biological and mechanical peeling products for deep-cleansing the skin, because only in this way can subsequent active substances optimally penetrate into the skin.

Peel-off powder masks
Alginate masks which adapt to the shape of the face like a second skin during the gelling phase and therefore transport active substances into the skin more effectively. Extra care with highly-concentrated effect.

Beauty flashs
Active substance concentrates in resealable plastic vials. These sera offer the appropriate, immediate solution to every skin problem.

Collagen masks
Masks which do not contain either preservatives, chemical networking agents or perfume additives, and which convince with their dual function as an active substance and active substance carrier. These are moisture masks which are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions – with outstanding hydration properties and an impressive anti-irritation effect.