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PrimeCleanser_150ml_VKPrime Cleanser (4100) £22Gentle skin cleansing, Creamy texture, Retains the skin's native moisture to protect the natural hydrolipidic barrier, For clear and pure skin, Refines the complexion.150ml

SkinCleansingGel_150ml_VKSkin Cleansing Gel(4105)£22Gentle and soft cleanser for all skin types, Suitable for the face and eye area, Suitable for contact lens wearers, Cools and refreshes even during cleansing, Non-greasy, Does not dry out the skin, does not leave behind a feeling of tension.150ml

EyeCareCream_15ml_VKEye Care Cream(4160)£36Smoothes lines and creases, Reduces rings around the eyes and puffiness, Increases the resilience and elasticity of the eye area, Stimulates the skin's own regeneration process, Rich, but nevertheless easy to distribute, Ideally suited for long-lasting eye make-up.15ml

PremiumAgeProtector30_50ml_VKPremium Age Protector SPF30(4129)£36Reliably protects the skin against UV radiation, Reduces existing age spots, Prevents the formation of new pigmentation flecks, Refines the pores for a more even skin profile, For a visibly more even and brighter complexion, Improves skin regeneration, Reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles, Protects against red spots.50ml

RestorativeCream_50ml_VKRestorative Cream(4120)£28Improves the skin structure thanks to the fruit acids, Reduces wrinkles and scars, Refines the skin pores, Moisturizing and moisture-retaining, Clarifies the skin complexion, Inhibits the formation of new blemishes.50ml

Peel20Exfoliator_30ml_VKPeel 20 Exfoliator(4172)£28Mildest peeling treatment course, With pH value of 4.2, Retains the skin's own moisture to protect the natural hydrolipidic barrier, For a clean and clear skin appearance and an even skin tone, Refines the complexion.30ml

SkinDefenseCream_50ml_VKSkin Defense Cream(4122)£36Ideal care cream for sensitive skin, Fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier and thus the skin's native protection, Reduces skin redness and prevents it from recurring, Also ideal as a wind and weather protection cream, Leaves the complexion looking rested and even, Restores the skin's well-being.50ml

SkinDefenseSerum_30ml_VKSkin Defense Serum(4131)£36Reduces the skin's readiness to react, Improves the skin's resilience, Prevents irritation, Restores the skin's own protection, Supplies a particularly high quantity of moisture.30ml

FaceSculptureCream_50ml_VKFace Sculpture Cream(4127)£42Firmer and more lifted facial contours, Flawless and fresh complexion, Rich but pleasantly light texture, Mattifying effect, Ideal foundation for make-up.50ml

FaceSculptureSerum_30ml_VKFace Sculpture Serum(4130)£42Refines the skin appearance, Lifts the facial contours, Smoothes lines and wrinkles, Leaves the skin looking younger.30ml

YouthPreserveCream_50ml_VKYouth Preserve Cream(4125)£38Prolongs the skin’s youthfulness, Helps to repair cell damage, Fortifies the skin's barrier structure, Beautiful skin in the long term, Smoother and more even skin, Increased tissue density, Intensively moisturizing and moisture-retaining.50ml

YouthPreserveSerum_30ml_VKYouth Preserve Serum(4135)£38Maintains a youthful appearance for longer, For smoother skin, For more even skin, Increased tissue density.30ml

FairComplexionCream_50ml_VKFace Complection Cream(4123)£38The long-term care product for pigmentation marks, For visibly more even and brighter complexion, Reduces long-term pigmentation marks and age spots, Prevents the formation of new pigmentation disorders, Moisturizing and moisture retaining, For visibly more even and brighter complexion, Protects against free radicals, Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.50ml

FairComplexionSerum_30ml_VKFace Complection Serum(4133)£38For visibly more even and brighter skin, Effective brightening of pigmentation disorders, Inhibition of melanin synthesis, Prevents the formation of new age spots, Protects against free radicals and thus premature skin aging, Intensively moisturizing and moisture-retaining.30ml