Peel-off powder masks

Alginate masks, which adapt to the shape of the face like a second skin during the gelling phase and therefore transport active substances into the skin more effectively. Extra care with highly-concentrated effect.

  • Alginate Spirulina
Activates and stimulates the metabolism
  • Alginate Vital C
Protects against free radicals and revitalizes
  • Alginate Bio Marine Extract
Moisturizes and soothes
  • Alginate Skin Fading
Acts to lighten – reduces pigmentation spots
  • Alginate Sensitive
Soothes and alleviates irritation
  • Alginate Rice Bran
Restructures and soothes
  • Alginate Dead
    Sea Minerals
Clarifies the skin and refines the pores
  • Gluco-Alginate
    Fig Extract
Protects and regenerates
  • Gluco-Alginate Pomegranate
Protects against free radicals and regenerates
  • Gluco-Alginate
Revitalizes and speeds up skin renewal